About Us

Your home is your sanctuary. Not only is it a large financial commitment – it’s an investment in your lifestyle and a safe haven where your family can make lifelong memories. It is our commitment to provide superior craftsmanship, excellent customer service and up-to-date knowledge of the building industry.
Building your home should be an exciting experience, yet so many builds are overshadowed by stress. In order to take stress away we prioritize our relationships with the families that we have the opportunity to build for to make the process smoother. 

The scope of work of Okanagan Home Builders spans from small entry homes to completely custom, high-end builds. We are proud to have expended into Management Services so homeowners can have more freedom to control their own project in British Columbia.

Jason Stutzke


With an impressive track record for providing families with masterfully crafted homes, Jason Stutzke has brought his custom boutique home-building expertise and prairies work ethic to the Okanagan! Stutzke from Extreme Home Builders has been building in Manitoba since 1993 when his company was established. As his standard, this builder offers buyers honesty, hard work, and commitment.

Stutzke believes that the excitement of owning a home shouldn’t end when you walk out of the consult. That’s why he works hand-in-hand with homebuyers to create an inspiring process which ends in their dream home being brought to life.

As one of the most dedicated residential builders in Western Canada, Jason Stutzke from Extreme Home Builders has been bringing dreams to life for over 25 years. Stutzke’s experience and dedication are reflected in every home he builds. True home value, custom floorplans and amazing customer service are what sets Stutzke apart from other builders. When you choose to build with Jason, you get access to more choice, more value, and more style.